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Another busy week has passed and we’re back at Sunday night. Here’s a quick round-up of new stuff in our lives and things we’re loving right now.

Brian’s birthday is this week and it’s always a struggle to come up with good gift ideas for him. He’s just not into “stuff”, and he so infrequently wants stuff that when he does, he just buys it. For a lot of years I was able to think of things that he would like or could use that he didn’t even know he wanted or needed….but that only lasted so long. Now, my strategy is to just keep my ears perked up 24/7 and any time he says he wants something or likes something, I buy it and hide it and hope he doesn’t buy it for himself before the next gift occasion. If you’ve seen the movie Best in Show, you know – Orvis Slippers are kind of a big deal, so Brian’s getting these:

I am a junkie – a Crime Junkie. If you’re looking for a good true crime podcast – the Crime Junkie Podcast really grew on me. The women that host it are from Indiana (where we live) so it’s fun to support something local. I’ve already filled out my If I Go Missing Folder. I burned through Dirty John, Cold, and Serial already so I’m especially digging this one because it’s not done yet! New episodes every Monday!

We’re jumping on the Keto bandwagon next weekend. Brian isn’t usually one to get super excited about diets and stuff but I think he heard about it on the Joe Rogan podcast or something and wants to try. We’ll keep you posted how that goes.

Our basement is pretty much finished except for a little bit of drywall patching and some caulking on the baseboards. We tried to move an older sectional couch down here and could only get two of the three pieces down the stairs. We actually went to the furniture store where we bought it 6 or 7 years ago and they can order a new piece that would fit, but it would be special order so would cost nearly $2,000. We’re debating just living with the two pieces and putting a table on the end that’s missing a piece or replacing it with a sectional that has smaller pieces that could fit down the stairs. We’ve found a couple options we like but haven’t pulled the trigger yet. Anyone have a hot lead on couches that come in small pieces? I have friends that have some great Ikea couches in their homes, but when I go to Ikea and walk around, none of the couches look good to me. Post on the basement reno coming soon.

Can’t. Get. Enough. Ambre Blends. It’s fragrance with none of the chemicals or nasty stuff.. I actually tried to wear regular perfume this week and it basically felt like I was burning my nostril with rubbing alcohol. I can’t believe how much I love this fragrance. They’re having a 20% off sale right now so it’s a great time to try it. The green one – Invoke – is diffusing in my house pretty much all the time.

I’ve been feeling some burnout at work lately. I work for an amazing software company based out of Indianapolis and I really love my team and my boss. But sometimes it’s just hard. I work in the Services department so I deal with customers on the front line. We’ve recently had a lot of change and transition (for the best) but change is just hard. Burnout, for me, feels like apathy. I’m trying really hard to do some extra self-care and take some extra time for myself to make sure I stay focused and invested. I’m taking lots of long baths, painting a lot of things in my house (Sorry, Brian!), and downloaded the Headspace app. I’ve always wished I was one of those super cool people that does meditation and yoga and is super zen with the glowy skin and stuff. Newsflash – I’m not. I run around and panic and worry pretty much all the time if my skin is glowy it’s probably from sweating. But I’m trying. If you’re one of those zenny yoga people – I salute you. If you’re like me and you need some help getting there – do yourself a favor and give @the.holistic.psychologist a follow. So many great little nuggets of wisdom and it’s been a lot of help in keeping me on-track and motivated.

Vacation count-down is on. I’m excited to go back to one of our favorite places – St. John in a couple of months. I’ll be doing a travel post on that when we return and I’m sure you’ll hear more about it between now and then. If you love travel like we do, go check out our travel Instagram account – @bennettsandcompany_travel. I need to post some trips from our last big trip to India before we go on another big trip to the Caribbean.

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