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Updating a 70s Kitchen

Our kitchen is pure 70s gold. Harvest gold, that is. We’ve put off major renovations in this room because, well, they’re so dang expensive. But ever since an Ikea opened in our hometown of Indianapolis, I’ve been really impressed with their options, and their prices, and it’s left me thinking that maybe we can tackle this thing sooner rather than later.

Because a kitchen renovation is so expensive and so permanent, it’s something that we’ve been thinking about really carefully. I just read an article last week that said the average kitchen renovation project has increased to over $30,000. THIRTY GRAND. That is so much money.

We’ve been working through a the list of challenges and decisions. One of our biggest challenges is the fact that in order to get a kitchen we are going to love, we will have to move a load bearing wall. We aren’t sure exactly what the cost is going to be yet, but moving a structural wall is obviously going to have a big impact on the price tag. Another challenge is that we’ve just never done a renovation this big. You can google and pinterest until your brain is ready to explode, but until you actually start picking materials and adding up the cost, you just don’t know.

My main sources of inspiration so far include (of course) the brilliant Petersiks of Young House Love, the Marcums of Chris Loves Julia, Shea McGee’s of Studio McGee, Jenny Komenda of Juniper Home, amongst others. While Shea’s designs are absolutely incredible, I live in a smallish 70s home in the suburbs of Indianapolis, so it would be challenging to incorporate her design. Chris Loves Julia’s kitchen in their last house (they just sold it a couple weeks ago) was absolutely perfect but I don’t have that big open room where I could use that layout.

I should have known that my starting point would be the winner. John and Sherry from YHL’s original kitchen layout looks VERY similar to mine. Same U-shaped workspace with an open area for a table. Same lack of a mud room. (sad face).

Here is an original shot of the Petersik’s kitchen:

Photo from:

Now here’s a shot of mine. Blocked by the fridge is a little hallway that leads to our laundry room, then the garage.

You can probably see why this was so promising to me! They look like really similar layouts. I thought I’d struck gold. Unfortunately, when the Petersik’s did their big reveal post of their new, beautiful, incredible kitchen, they included a layout of their kitchen with measurements, and I realized their kitchen was two to three feet wider than my funky shaped kitchen. You can check out their full kitchen reveal here:

Here is the Petersik’s normal shaped kitchen layout:

Photo from:

Aaaaand here is my quirky 70s gem:

The little jog in the wall in the lower wall is actually where our garage sits. I’m not really sure what we’re going to do yet, but I haven’t lost hope. If there’s any way to take the YHL kitchen layout and copy copy copy (with some Ikea cabinets and Semihandmade fronts) I’ll be back in business. Because seriously, you can’t improve on perfection and they absolutely nailed it!

If you know of any good resources for kitchen layouts, hit me up!

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