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Master Bedroom Mood Board

Things are a little up in the air around here. We aren’t sure when or even if our land is going to sell, so it’s hard to decide how much time, effort, and money to put into the current house. Right now, I’m focusing on shopping my own home, trying to maximize furniture arrangements, and perfecting organization systems.

One room that has gotten very little love and affection over the five years we’ve lived in our current house is our Master Bedroom.

When we moved in, after removing the 40 year old wallpaper, we painted it a super cool (cool color tone, not cool like awesome) dark gray Valspar color (I don’t even remember the name) because it was on the mistint rack for $10. We used the dresser set from an espresso colored Queen sized set I had before Brian and I met, his cherry colored King sized bed, and we ordered two nightstands from Overstock that were somewhere between cherry and espresso. The biggest addition to the room since we moved in is a pair of blackout curtains from West Elm. Nothing matched or was intended to go together but it was all quality stuff that served its purpose.

It felt good enough. We had a big comfy bed, plenty of storage, and curtains for privacy and blocking light.

Since we’re not doing major renovations right now, it feels like the perfect time to tackle this room that requires no construction or contractors.

My first step is always to figure out my “inspiration” for the room and build a mood board. I knew I wanted something relaxing and cozy. I started with this painting. It’s called Married to the Sea by Claire Elsaesser and it’s my absolute favorite painting in the world. I love it so much that I actually¬† have two prints of it in my house; a larger one in the master bedroom and a smaller one downstairs in our family room.


My next step is to build a mood board around that inspiration item. I shop my house and include those items, then fill in the blanks. Here’s how it’s shaping up.

My Post (2)


I’ve already got this rug in a guest room that no one ever sleeps in. I’d eventually love to redecorate that room as well but for now, I’m stealing the rug. Sorry potential future guests. Full disclosure – I can’t remember where this rug was in the Chris Loves Julia house, but i do know that I copied it from them. I’ve said it before. I’ll say it again. They’re pure genius and if they could just come design and decorate a house for me that would be great.

Loloi rug.jpg

I’ve also already got these chairs. They’re on sale right now at West Elm! Google West Elm Auburn Chair or click the link. At first I was hesitant to put the green from the chairs together with the blue from the rug, but it works. In real life, the chair color reads a lot darker.


I swapped these lamps into the room from a guest bedroom. They’re called the Bryan lamp from Overstock.

lamp 4

Another item that was already hanging out in my house, the big beautiful fake fiddle leaf fig. Because if you don’t have at least one fake fiddle leaf fig in your house, are you even a blogger? Joking. Olive trees are the new fiddle leaf fig anyway. Joking again.

Anyway, this one is from World Market. If you’re going to buy it, use a coupon code and buy it on sale. They have GREAT sales often. No reason to pay full price for this baby.

fiddle leaf

The next step, which I’ve yet to take, is to purchase the items I don’t already own. Since so much is up in the air, and I’ve found that furniture doesn’t always translate well from one house to the next, I don’t want to invest a ton. That being said, being happy in your space is important so to me, it is worth some investment.

Right now I’m loving this bed. It’s the Sanford Bed from Laurel Foundry. I either copied this directly from Young House Love or found one very similar to theirs. I love this color, I love that it is squared off at the top because I have an easier time hanging artwork and making it look balanced over a flat piece of furniture. I love that it isn’t too embellished with studs or tufting. I also love that it doesn’t have a foot board, which would visually obstruct the room and make it look smaller.


And the biggest investment piece on my wishlist so far:

The Keane bedside table from Crate and Barrel. I love that it has build in outlets so you don’t have cords running around. I love that it’s rectangular. I love that there are two big drawers. I’m going to go see these in person at the store to make sure I love them, then buy a Crate and Barrel coupon on eBay before purchasing. They’re pricey. If we end up buying these, the pair of them will be the biggest investment piece in the entire room.

Bedside Table


Today’s challenge is to empty the two dressers we’re currently using in favor of a better organized closet so we can clear space in the room. I love when things in life align and I’m thinking my recent need to go back to a Capsule Wardrobe (so I won’t need two dressers), paired with my desire to keep making improvements means it’s the perfect time to tackle this project.

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