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Another quick round-up of what we’ve been up to this week.

The master bedroom refresh is making progress.  The walls are done and I think we’re actually going to stick with the paint color we chose, which I was debating in my last Life Lately post. The color is Benjamin Moore White Sand, pictured below. I’m not sure why, but it reads as a lot more orangey and yellowy in my room in the early evening.

BM White Sands

I have a lot of green accents which is great but was planning on dark navy curtains. If you know your color theory, you know blue curtains would make the paint color read even more yellowy, so that option got nixed. My next thought was dark emerald green. I couldn’t really find any good Pins for that, then I remembered an episode of Young House Love has a podcast where John and Sherry specifically talked about how they couldn’t seem to make green curtains work. If they can’t make it work, I highly doubt that I can. So – I just ordered these black double wide curtains from Amazon:

I scratched my cornea. I don’t even actually know how but it’s got to be the most annoying minor injury ever because it hurts to look at things. All I want to do is look at things. The TV, my phone, my computer, out the window. Yuck. Take care of your corneas.

We used our grout dye to “Refresh” our bathroom grout. Full before and after pictures coming at you later this week. Ten out of ten would recommend this update.

I play the Givling trivia app pretty much every day. I’m constantly on the lookout for ethical brands and companies that are “giving back”. I got through college on student loans and know how much of a burden they are when you first graduate and your income is low. I’ve been fortunate (and obsessive about debt) and don’t have student loans anymore, but love the idea of crowdfunding student loans by using ad clicks and views. I read a pretty controversial article about the app last week and it certainly got me thinking about whether or not it’s a good idea but I think it is. Just don’t spend $44K on an app hoping to win $50K. That just seems like common sense doesn’t it?

Safari Honeymoon Part 2 is posted. I don’t normally post about other posts in my weekly Life Lately but I love my Africa trip, so can’t help but do a little shameless self promotion. Part 3 is hopefully coming at you this week with details and photos of the actual trip. I also dearly love to talk about this trip so if you have any questions, please reach out!

I’m on the market for some good travel clothing for my Turkey trip. I’ve got lots of technical clothes so I’m looking for things that will travel well, and can be a little more dressy. I keep seeing Aday brand on Instagram and am curious if anyone’s tried it? Any other sustainable, ethical, responsible clothing companies out there worth trying?

Have a great week!







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