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$2,500 Half Bath Remodel

We remodeled this bathroom five years ago. It was one of the very first rooms in the house that got attention because it needed it more than any.
It had wallpaperĀ + border (little schoolhouses and barns), two layers of linoleum flooring, what I’m guessing was a 45 year old toilet and vanity, a tiny mirror with a heavy wooden border. The toilet wobbled badly, the doors of the vanity were almost soft to the touch. The floor had weird divots in it.
Unfortunately, I can’t track down any original photos of it, I’m guessing because it was so ugly that it never made it into the real estate listing. I do have some “in progress” photos of the demo and deconstruction but we actually tore into this baby before we even moved into the house so this is as close to “original” as I’ve got.
When we went through this process, we did what seemed smart and purchased an Angie’s list membership to look for a good tile installer. Brian’s family has owned mechanical contracting companies his whole life so he was pretty comfortable with the plumber situation, but neither of us had any experience in tiling. We found a company and they were able to come out and get started the very next week.
We re-did this entire bathroom for less than $2,500, and that’s with hiring out all the skilled work like plumbing and tiling.
1) Demo – $0, we did it ourselves
2) New sub floor and tile installation – $1100
3) Tile & Grout (material)- $320
4) New Trim (material) – $15
5) New Toilet (material and installation) – $129
6) New Vanity/counter/sink/faucet (material and installation) – $750
7) New MirrorĀ  – $30 – cheap mirror from Lowe’s
8) New Light Fixture $45 – clearance at Lowe’s
9) Paint $ Supplies – $15 (mis-tint paint (again) + roller covers, some drywall patching)
We were in a hurry to get this bathroom functional again, as it’s the only bathroom on the main level of our house. The only two choices that I put much thought into were the vanity and the tile, and budget was a major deciding factor on both. We purchased this house and put in new flooring on the second floor and replaced the roof before we even moved in so we were feeling a little broke at the time and I remember picking this tile because it was so cheap. That being said, because I made the effort to pick neutral colors and materials, five years later, I feel confident that I can refresh a few things and make it feel a lot more updated and high-end.
Thankfully, I’m spending the rest of 2019 finding low cost ways to improve the look and feel of my rooms and even though this room has already gotten it’s turn in the sun, I’m adding the following items to the list of small, affordable, DIYable projects for the year.


  1. I’d like to revisit the build in ceramic toilet paper holder. It’s one of those things that I don’t notice on a day-to-day basis because I’m so used to it, but when I took photos to post on here, it stands out like a sore thumb.
  2. I’m over the pale green mis-tint paint. I’ve already got ideas thanks to Yellow Brick Home. If you aren’t following them – you must. They’re the best. Also – Might Mighty Midwest, baby!
  3. I’d like to install a nicer mirror but I hate to waste one that’s perfectly fine. We used brackets and didn’t glue it on, so I’m going to try to donate the one that’s there now.
  4. I’m considering updating the hardware that came with the all-in-one vanity.
  5. ARTWORK. It never occurred to me to hang artwork in a bathroom until I had that bathroom. There’s just so much open wall space. Why not hang artwork?
  6. I’m planning on painting all our interior doors white and replacing the hardware at some point.


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