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June 2019 Project Recap

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As I’ve mentioned, one of the reasons I started blogging about our home was simply to document all the stuff that we get done. I find that it’s really easy to get caught up and even overwhelmed by all of the things that I’d still like to do, so this is a tangible way for me to document all the wins, big and small. I need to remind myself that I chose a fixer upper, I signed up to live in a house that needed love and attention.

This may sound cheesy – but you know how there are all of those posts on the internet about how you should love your body, regardless of how it looks, because of all the amazing things it can do and has done for you? I agree with that sentiment and I feel that way about my house, too. My house does not look perfect, but it’s really great at being my house.  It’s my quiet place where I can be myself. It provides me with shelter and safety and happiness. It’s where my husband proposed to me. It’s where my dogs are happy and love to play.

I highly encourage you to look around your home the same way and love it because it’s your HOME. Maybe it’s where you are happiest, or you love to cook with your mom, or your friends love to visit. Maybe it’s where your kids feel comfortable enough to be themselves. Maybe it’s where you were raised. Love it because it’s yours and you don’t have a boss there. Those scuff marks and scrapes and stains, old light fixtures, and paint colors, those are where your life is happening and it’s exciting to get to do nice things for your house in return for all it does for you, so fix it up but love it along the way. 

With that, I’ll step down off my soap box and get to the point of today’s post.

One of the types of posts that I’ve been planning on for a while is a monthly recap of all the little things we do around the house that so quickly get overshadowed by the big projects and the things we’ve yet to get done. I want it to serve as a reminder and a way to look back and check my feelings each month on whether or not I’m making as much progress as usual. My hope is that these little lists could also inspire you to take action,  or more importantly to give yourself some credit for how much goes into improving  and maintaining a house.

So without further ado, here is June 2019’s project recap.

And to inspire a little bit of extra accountability, here’s a list of things I’d like to get done in the next few months. It’s definitely too much to get done in July from a budget and time perspective. This is just the current list of high priority, low cost projects that I will be choosing between for this month.

Projects On Deck:
  • Hang curtains in master, guest bedroom, music room, and my office
  • Update electrical plates and sockets
  • Remove kitchen linoleum
  • Update mantle, fireplace cover, and add trim to top of fireplace
  • Caulk/paint/repaint trim
  • Remove kitchen back splash and trim
  • Source dining room lights
  • Create dining room Mood board
  • Remove built in toilet paper holder in downstairs bath
  • Repaint downstairs half bath
  • Participate in neighborhood garage sale and get rid of some furniture that we no longer need (There is no better way to fund home stuff than by selling home stuff.)
  • Rent or buy small jackhammer to remove orange entryway tile
  • Paint upstairs bathroom walls and trim
  • Start sourcing flooring for main floor (likely LVP)
  • Source banisters and stair railings
  • Paint interior Doors
  • Update interior door hardware
  • New front door hardware
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