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Happy Belated Fourth of July! I hope you spent it safely with your friends or family and no one lost any fingers. Here’s what we’ve been up to.

I ordered Semihandmade samples because my guest bathroom is begging me to completely re-do it. Right now I’m trying to figure out how to use Ikea Sektion (typically for kitchen) instead of Ikea Godmorgon (made for bathrooms). The Sektion system has a lot more configuration options but the base cabinets made for sinks aren’t quite the right size for a bathroom with a double vanity. I might be able to piece it together with some filler pieces from Semihandmade. Haven’t cracked the code yet but I’m working on it. If you know anyone who’s hacked Sektions for a bathroom, please let me know!

I also ordered a LOT of tile samples from Bedrosian and Fireclay. Do you follow Fireclay’s instagram? If you don’t, go follow it because on Fridays they do this Fireclay Factory Friday thing in their stories and it’s like those “oddly satisfying” reddits and youtubes where for some reason, the video is super soothing to watch. They’ll show a video of someone hand painting an intricate tile pattern, or someone lining up tiles and spraying them before going into the kiln. It’s relaxing, in a very weird way.

This week was our five year anniversary in the house! Five year progress photos  are coming your way next week.

As a treat – here’s a preview and a real gem. What even is that lighting!? Is it track lighting? Is it utility lighting? What is it? No one knows.

What I do know, is that we kept it up for five years and it’s finally gone. And somehow over the course of five years, those bulbs never burned out because I told my husband that would be when we changed the fixture. I gave up waiting so if anyone needs five very strange light bulbs on a very strange track – it’s in my garage. Also, this photo highlights my challenge with using Sektion for this room. That countertop is 8 feet wide, which is AWESOME for all my stuff….not so awesome for hacking together Ikea kitchen cabinets.Guest Bath Listing Photo

We have two labs (rescues), also known as The Homeowners, and a cat. I am fighting a never ending battle with dog hair and, dare I say it, dog smell. We recently added five new houseplants to the very few we already had and I can already tell a huge difference in the air quality.  I came into a $200 gift card to a local nursery so I got a ficus, and four house plants, and still have money left. I was really surprised that the nursery is cheaper than Lowe’s! In true Veronica fashion, I’ve been overthinking their placement and obsessing over making sure they have just the right amount of water. I think it’s a fine line between having house plants blending into your decor, and having tons of house plants and your house looking very boho, which isn’t necessarily my style, so I’m trying to make sure I don’t go overboard and that they’re spaced appropriately throughout my house.

Did you guys see ISpyDIY’s backyard makeover? (And does anyone else see her handle and read it Ipsy Dipsy? I don’t know why, but she’s Ipsy Dipsy to me.) She hasn’t posted any reveal pictures yet but she has backyard saved to her highlights. Go watch it. I thought I didn’t like white fences until I saw hers. Now I want a new fence just so I can whitewash it it. Also, those pavers. I die.

I copied Chris Loves Julia again. They recently hung these new blackout curtains in their daughters room in midnight blue. Blue didn’t work in my master bedroom because my Benjamin Moore White Sand walls look very yellow in here at times, but black sure worked! We ordered two panels in the 96″ length and hung them centered on our wall even though our window is off-center (thank you CLJ for that tip). It looks GREAT. More photos to come with the master bedroom refresh reveal post. Blog_MasterBedroom-100

I restarted Orangetheory this week! I was super gung-ho on this stuff before my wedding and it was AMAZING. I made it a goal to go three times this week and I snuck in my third session on the VERY last session they offered on Sunday. If you see me or talk to me, ask me if I’ve been going. You can all be my accountabilibuddies.

I painted another room. I can’t stop, won’t stop. Remember my photo of paint swatches from my Life Lately post a couple weeks back? Well, I wasn’t joking that I really loved color #1, which was Benjamin Moore Cedar Key. I painted my dining room Cedar Key over the weekend and I’m loving it so far. The bottom right photo is what our dining room looked like when we bought the house. The left photo is a progress photo, cropped ……because that light fixture is still there. Why is lighting so expensive? Send me your favorite dining room fixtures please. Maybe I’ll pull together a roundup post.


Have a great week everyone!

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