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It’s been a while since I posted a round-up. I think that’s an indicator that we’re having a busy summer…that’s a good thing, right? Here’s some of what we’ve been up to.

We went up to the lake house that Brian’s grandfather built by hand in the 1950s for a weekend. Brian’s family rotates weeks and his aunt let us come up and crash during her week. It was so so great. We may not have oceans and mountains here in Indiana but the lake life is something special. Here’s a snap that Brian’s cousin took on his iphone from our lawn chairs. For as often as we like to travel, this was such a great reminder that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars and fly across the world to “get away”.

Oliver Lake 2019.jpg

I ordered two prints from Adam Hall Art ( and we got them custom framed at Michael’s. We picked them up this week and they look great. Now we just have to find a really perfect place for them. My original plan was our bedroom but am also thinking they would look great in our dining room or Brian’s office where more people will see them. We got Within Reach and Hairline Cracks. Now I need more Adam Hall art!

It’s time to tear our the orange entryway tile! My hammer drill from Amazon Prime Day arrived and we put that baby to use! (Read more about that purchase here: Prime Day Fall Out) This tile was probably on my top 5 list of things I didn’t like in this house when we bought it so it feels really good that we’re finally going to get rid of it. It felt overwhelming to start because once you start demolition like that, you hit the point of no return pretty much immediately. We got started this weekend and in true DIY fashion, it’s taking longer than expected. We are also dealing with challenges as they pop up. We have no idea how we’re going to get the 1/8 inch extra sheet of sub-floor off the regular sub-floor because we don’t know how it’s attached. More on that later but I’ll keep you posted! So far, I’m digging the hammer drill. Click here for the one we bought:

It’s my Grandpa’s 80th birthday this week!!!!! He is and always will be one my very favorite people in the whole world.

I’ve been going down a rabbit hole of personal finance blogs and found a super cool new wealth tracking site. It’s called Personal Capital and I found it on the Mad Fientist blog. I have used Mint for years and it’s great, but can be a little overwhelming. Personal Capital is more focused on your net worth and to me, it was a little easier to use.  Mint is more for budgeting and spending tracking over time. I won’t stop using Mint (at least not yet) because I want to make sure this tool is best for me, but if you just want a really fast easy way to calculate and track your net worth – Personal Finance rocks.

I stumbled on this post today and it REALLY made me stop and think about how I choose to spend my time. This blogger created a visual chart of a human life in days, weeks, and years, and then did calculations on what percentage of time with his parents he has left in his life, how many times he’ll likely swim in the ocean in his life. At the time it was written, the blogger was 34 and I’m going to be 33 soon so it actually REALLY hits home. Life is so short. This one is definitely worth a look. Check it out here: or you can check it out where I pinned it on my Pinterest page here:

That’s all I’ve got for today. Have a great week!


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