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Review of Artfully Walls Gallery Wall

Purchased: Green with Envy gallery wall with frames

Cost: $1,008.71 (This price reflects the cost after the 20% discount for purchasing an entire wall, and a 10% coupon)

Satisfied with purchase: I can’t say it exceeded expectations but there was nothing wrong with it. Frame weight and quality is comparable to Ikea.

Would I purchase it again:  I would purchase from Artfully Walls again, but would buy prints without frames and frame myself. I got the most value out of the fact that the prints are already coordinated and they provide a map for hanging. If you’re comfortable with coordinating art and mapping our gallery walls, this is probably way overpriced for you. Check out art or Juniper Print Shop and save yourself a lot of money!

One year update: We moved to Seattle (read more here: Relocating to Seattle for Amazon ) and the gallery wall didn’t fit anywhere in our apartment. I currently have some of them set up on art ledges in our master. They still look great together. I opted to leave a couple out that over time, I just found that I didn’t love anymore. 


In case you haven’t heard of it, Artfully Walls is an online retailer that sells curated sets of prints, which you can buy framed or not framed. You can also buy the pieces individually, like you would from Minted or Etsy. Just so we’re all on the same page, this is NOT a sponsored post. I bought the gallery wall with my own money before I even started this blog and wanted to share my experience.

I’ve always struggled with pulling together collections of artwork myself. I don’t know enough about art to understand the rules – although many say that when it comes to artwork, there are no rules.

We had just finished the overhaul of our family room and I had a whole wall that I knew I wanted to use for a gallery wall. I found that it was really hard to look online and find things you like and guess how they’re going to work together, especially when you’re buying prints that aren’t even framed yet. The cost can also be really prohibitive. I didn’t even feel like I even knew how many pieces it would take to create a gallery wall look in the space I wanted to fill. Five? Nine? No clue.

As I was cruising all the online print shops I could think of, I stumbled across Artfully Walls. I found a coupon code for a 10% discount, which they allowed you to stack with the 20% discount for purchasing an entire wall.

I had created an excel workbook where I had multiple sheets, each sheet being a proposed gallery wall. It included links to the pieces for that wall mood board plus the price for the print. I also estimated a framing cost for each item. When I looked at the cost of the Artfully Walls gallery walls with the 20% + 10% discount, I came to the conclusion that they were actually cheaper in most cases than buying individual pieces from other places, paying the shipping, then having to frame them as well. Plus – there was the added benefit that someone who actually knew what they were doing had curated the collection of pieces so I knew they would look good together. Artfully Walls also includes recommended paint colors for each gallery wall. My gallery wall was paired with Benjamin Moore Sherwood Forest which is a very similar color to my green built-ins (another reassurance that this was going to work!). My walls are actually Benjamin Moore Fog Mist, but I like the balance of the green on each end of the room.

Here’s the gallery wall I chose on the Artfully Walls website. It’s called Green with Envy.

Artfully Walls.JPG


The prints arrived within a week of ordering. They came packed in one big box separated by foam and plastic.

So how did it work out? I actually really love the combination and it looks great in my room.

Artfully Walls-1

The items came in one big box and were separated by cardboard and Styrofoam. I was surprised how lightweight the box was, and how lightweight each item was. This is good and bad. They’re super light weight so they’re easy to hang, but it definitely feels like they are “budget” pieces. The artwork itself is beautiful but the framing materials are definitely lower end. Again – this makes perfect sense because this was the cheapest option I found to build a gallery wall with pieces this large. 

Pros: The collection of pieces looks great together. The price was definitely right for this much framed artwork. They provide a “map” of exactly how to hang it. The pieces are lightweight and easy to hang.

Wall Map.JPG

Cons: The glass (or maybe its plastic?) is very reflective and cheap. It’s sometimes hard to actually see the art from different angles in the room because they reflect light like crazy.

Would I do it again? 

Yes. I would do it again but I would likely just buy the collection of prints and have them framed myself. This would definitely be a more expensive option, but to me, the art is the hard part. Framing is actually pretty easy and the framing, specifically the glass, is what I’m least excited about.

Hope this helps if you’re in the process of trying to build a gallery wall or shop for art work. I’d love to hear about your experience if you’ve used Artfully Walls or a similar service!

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    1. I hadn’t either but it’s a really great option for affordable artwork. They made a process that seemed daunting into something super easy and I am all about saving time. Hope you have a great day!

  1. This is a great resource! I have travel pictures that I make hard copies of, and then hang them in formation. Mine just keeps growing though!

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