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Relocating to Seattle for Amazon

Life is crazy. So crazy.

You may have noticed that I have mentioned starting a few projects but never updated you on the final product. I still owe you updates on a whole slew of projects and they will come, but just to give you a little information on why the lack of follow-through and hectic stopping and starting of work….

We moved to Seattle!

If you’ve been following Bennetts & Co for a while, you probably know we lived in Indianapolis (V for 15 years and B for 25) and we were in the process of fixing up our 70s house, while working through some complications in the process of building our dream home (what we thought might be our forever home).

Scratch that, because we’ve rented out the Old House, and we sold our land (yay) and are walking way from the building project completely.

A little bit of background if you’re new here – On the building project – we hit a speedbump (insurmountable hurdle) with the first piece of land we purchased, so we sold that land. The plan was to sell that land then look for a new piece of land where we could work with the builder we loved who wasn’t able to build in the neighborhood where we originally purchased. In the meantime, we were doing projects to fix up the current house to sell it when the time came.

Then everything flipped on its head. Brian got a job offer in Seattle that we decided was just too exciting to turn down. It’s a huge change. We went from a town that is consistently ranked in the top 5 most affordable towns (Carmel), which is a suburb of a top 20 most affordable city (Indianapolis), to one of the most expensive metros in the United States. Have you ever looked at real estate in Seattle? Wow, is all I can say about that. Our house is not the biggest or fanciest house, as a matter of fact it’s the Ugly Duckling on our little street, but it’s almost three times the size of our rental condo in Seattle. We’ve also going from owning to renting which means that the focus of my projects will have to shift. I’ll be focused more on décor than ripping out floors and replacing permanent fixtures.

We went FULL STEAM to get the house ready to rent and were moving to fast to stop and edit photos and write posts about a bunch of projects, but we documented and took photos as we went so now I’ll circle back and post some updates.

Projects we’ve started/finished that I haven’t posted yet but will:

  • Master bedroom refresh
  • Dining Room Refresh (paint, Ikea Lenda Curtain Hack, new light fixture)
  • NEW FLOORING throughout the main level (which included tearing out 30 year old tile and underlay – WOOF)
  • Basement full gut renovation
  • Family room renovation (painted built ins, removed wood paneling, removed faux ceiling beams, replaced lighting, skim coated walls, new curtains, new fireplace cover)
  • Kitchen refresh (new floors, painted cabinets, new hardware, new trim, new light and fan)

And I still owe you a Five Year Housiversary Post as well. At this point, the photos will be super easy to compare because they’ll be current listing photos compared to old listing photos.

It’s a little sad because I have a whole list of things that I wanted to get done in this house, like that major kitchen renovation, changing the layout of our laundry room, and a gut renovation of each upstairs bathroom, pouring a new larger front porch, replacing our outdoor lighting, new landscaping, a new fence, new mailbox, etc., etc., etc. The list goes on and on and on. It’s hard to walk away from this house before I feel like it’s really done but I’m trying to embrace the change and roll with it. She’s come a LONG way in our five years here so I’m just happy we’ve had a positive impact and I hope the next family to live here loves it as much as we do.

And it’s all worth it because Brian is loving his new job and we’re so happy in Seattle. We’re still settling in but we do love the condo we rented and we’ve just been having so much fun exploring.

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