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Life Lately – 4/20/2020

Our lives are completely different than they were one month ago and we’re still trying to figure out what the new normal will be. It’s hard to wrap your mind around a future without travel and crowded bars and concerts and stores. It’s hard to think about our family members all the way across the country, not knowing when we will see them again.

In the midst of all the stress and craziness, we have to keep on working and taking care of ourselves and our pets so here is the most normal Life Lately update I can muster given the current situation.

Here’s the rundown.

  • Did I mention I started a new job in the middle of this? Yup. Talk about a weird time to start a new job, especially since I work in a healthcare related field. My first week I wore a suit jacket and did my hair and make-up but wore sweats and slippers on the bottom. Turns out, we don’t use video chat. Phew. My new boss is really wonderful and the work is interesting. I can’t ask for more than that. If my new company has layoffs, I know I’ll be up on the chopping block (LIFO method), but if I allowed myself to fixate on that in addition to everything else, I’d lose my mind.
  • If you’re looking for excellent and interesting Covid-19 information – @kinggutterbaby is a must follow. She’s a scientist working on a trial for a Covid-19 treatment. She takes headlines and articles that are making the rounds and breaks them down in regular human speak. She’s got all her talks saved to her highlights and I highly recommend giving them a watch.
  •  Ernie has an injury and is wearing a cone. We took him back to the vet today for a follow up and he has to wear it for at least one more week.  He hates it. We hate it too. Partially because it’s so sad but also OMG IT’S SO LOUD WHEN HE SLAMS INTO DOORS AND WALLS WITH THAT THING. In case you’re wondering – vet offices are not allowing people inside, they come out in a mask, take your dog inside, and call you to discuss the appointment, then bring the dog back outside.IMG_20200405_191357_01
  • Our annual trip to St. John for our wedding anniversary got cancelled because of the ‘Rona but we luckily got almost all of our money refunded. Hoping and praying my little heart out that we can make it back there sooner rather than later. We have a timeshare at the Westin St. John. I’m telling myself that this is little jaunt to the coast (see post: We Bugged Out of Seattle) is our anniversary vacation! Trying to stay positive and daydreaming about our perfect St John wedding. FB_IMG_1518624581511
  • Before I knew St. John was going to be cancelled, I ordered a couple of new swimsuits from Andie Swimwear. We were in Hawaii and I saw someone wearing a suit that I loved but didn’t ask where it was from. Creepily enough, about a week later it popped into an ad on my instagram.
  • We have made it three whole weeks at our rental house in Port Angeles with NO TV. We’ve been reading lots of books and doing puzzles. I’m in the middle of Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert (she wrote Eat Pray Love) and it’s a great quick and light read. It’s particularly poignant at the moment, given all of our lifestyles may be completely changed and some of us might need a nudge to embrace the potential and see the upside of that.
  • Have you ever used/heard of charcoal bags to prevent odors? I always worry about rental houses smelling weird because they sit empty and so many different people come and go and they all have their own scents. In this rental house I’m also worried about my dogs making it smell weird because, well, dogs….anyway – charcoal bags are a miracle for just taking away the odor from pretty much anything. Here are the ones I bought on Amazon but I imagine any of the thousand they have listed would work:
  • We didn’t bring much out here and I think the beauty of minimalism is finally sinking in for me. I’ve toyed with some of the concepts, like Marie Kondo-ing my closet, and doing capsule wardrobes. It’s never stuck. My friend Kelsey (Her blog and instagram are great! Check them out: and @mysimplysimple) used to do Capsule Wardrobes but when she did it, she really committed. She loaded up everything that wasn’t part of her capsule and donated it. We worked together at the time and I remember thinking she was crazy because she had SO many clothes and always had meticulously coordinated outfits. Now that we’re out here living the ‘Rona life, it’s sweatpants and leggings and workout clothes on repeat. Obviously this isn’t a capsule wardrobe that would work for “normal life” but I think I finally get the point. It’s so simple to have a rotation of a few pieces of clothing. I can do all my laundry in one load. I have few enough items that I remember what I’ve worn recently and what’s left and I don’t have to think about what to wear and whether the pieces of an outfit are all clean. It’s so simple and straightforward and life just feels easier.
  • Now that we know that we don’t need a lot of space (see posts: New In Town – Seattle   and Happy 5 Year House-iversary! Check out these before and afters (including the kitchen!) and we’re fine without 95% of our stuff  and being around other people might make you die, I’m trying to convince Brian we should buy a catamaran to live on and just work remotely from there. If offices don’t come back – why not? I’ve always been fascinated by the idea of living a life with reduced waste and carbon footprint and small space. I absolutely love the idea of being mobile. Why not just get rid of everything we own that won’t fit in the trunk of our car and be free as birds. I binge watched Gone with the Wynns travel’s earlier this year and have followed Tim and Fin for a while as well. If you have any other recommendations for this type of content, please drop them in the comments!


Stay safe! Wash your hands.

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